Oftentimes I’ve seen people dump their hijab/headscarf after using it for a period of time. If i say that i can’t relate to them, i’d be telling a big lie ‘cos ive been in their shoes or probably still in their shoes.

A quick background story

I attended an islamic secondary school. If you are very familiar with education system in Nigeria, you’d know that secondary education takes 6 years (jss1-ss3). My school uniform includes a very long and wide skirt(i said wide because it wasn’t just free, it was large…lol), a long sleeve shirt, a small headscarf and a very big hijab. Imagine wearing this outfit for 6years good years only to take it off at the very first chance i got after leaving the school and this is the case for many of my school mate. This is what happens when one start to use the hijab for the wrong reasons and that’s going to take us to the first tip here:

1. Start for the right reasons:

It’s important for me to narrate the above story because it explains this tip perfectly. I started using the hijab in my jss1 because it was compulsory not because i knew what the essence of it was and not because i wanted to please Allah so it felt like i was being made to do what i didn’t want to do. This is why i took it off when i got the opportunity to. If you start using the hijab because everyone else is using it or because you think it will makes you beautiful, what happens the day you try on your friend’s wig and she says the wig makes you more beautiful than the hijab does?

2. Move at your own pace:

Do not allow anyone rush you. Stay away from people who say ” you’ve been using a scarf or this small hijab for a while now, its time to start using a jilbab”.. It’s true that they want the best for you but most of us get rebellious when other people tell us what to do. It’s okay to use a jilbab, but be sure that you are ready before you move onto it

It’s okay to still be struggling with the use of the hijab but it’s better to be struggling and taking tiny bits of step towards doing the right thing than being stagnant.


3. Start with comfortable outfit:

Trust me, you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe b4 you start dressing more modest. There are several ways you can style the clothing in your closest to make them modest enough for you to add a headscarf to it. I shed more light to this in one of my videos on Youtube, you can watch that here to get more insights into what i’m talking about. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyRSdDyaSHZ0E-FY9UtxBQ?view_as=subscriber

It’s okay to still be struggling with the use of the hijab. I’m still struggling with it as well but it’s better to be struggling and taking tiny bits of step towards doing the right thing than being stagnant and always remember that At the end of the day, we should always remember that we were placed on this earth by Allah to please and worship Him.

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