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The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.

Jean-paul Sartre

So yesterday was my birthday…..hoo hoo. Two days ago, i put up a question tag on my instastory urging people to ask me any question and guys, half of the questions i got was ” how old are you babes”. When i tell people my age, the reaction is always ”no way, that can’t be your age”. Honestly i don’t know if this is meant to be a complement or an insult cos this statement sometimes come out as ”you act eighteen(welp)”.

Anyhooz in case you still haven’t gotten it, i’m twenty freaking seven and today, i’m going to be sharing twenty seven things you probably do not know about me. Sounds interesting right? i know, oya let’s get into it.

  1. My name is Mopelola Rasheedah Jimoh
  2. I’m a Muslim
  3. I was brought up by my paternal grandmother
  4. I’m the second of five children
  5. I don’t have a brother
  6. I have 24 set of teeth
  7. I don’t know how to do makeup
  8. I love heels but i cannot walk more than a few steps in it
  9. I cannot dance to save my own soul but my friends call me fire dancer
  10. I’m a very shy person
  11. My favorite color is white but i love other bright colors except green
  12. I attended an Islamic secondary school
  13. I ran away from secondary school
  14. Studied chemistry at the better by far university. Argue with your ancestor
  15. I graduated in 2015
  16. I’m probably the laziest person alive
  17. I’m diurnal. Don’t even try to make me stay awake when its dark
  18. I love buying things but i love saving money at the same time. Crazy right, tch i know
  19. Shoes and clothing are my favorite type of gifts
  20. I’m 5ft7″ tall. Yes i said tall, deal with it
  21. My shoe size is 9
  22. Thrifting is my favorite sport
  23. I live for DIYs
  24. I’d watch a movie before i pick up a book
  25. Little things excite me
  26. Your secrets are safe with me
  27. I’m no judge of people’s way of life i just like to remind myself and people i love that when we do things that God instructed us against, we should not try to justify it by saying that “its my life”. We are humans, we are weak and we are all sinners, we commit sins out of our weakness as humans and not to defy God’s commandment. But when we come out to brag about our sins and make it look like what we are doing is right, then………

JARA: I’m a cry baby. I sometimes cry just ‘cos i can. Who does that abi, mtcheew

Wheew!! I swear, this is harder than it looks. I had to keep racking my head to remember things about myself. Anyhooz, there you have it. Twenty seven things you didn’t know about me. Now you cannot say you don’t know me.

Ps: I have a youtube channel, you might want to consider subscribing here

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