Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it


Shopping can be a big struggle for modest women because most times all you see in store are off shoulder dresses, sleeveless tops, short dresses and outer neck tops. The problem isn’t that we don’t like these clothes, but how do we wear them as ladies who choose to be modest in their way of dressing?

Most modest dressers believe that modesty means only shopping for abayas, long sleeved shirts and long dresses alone. As a modest style blogger, i strongly disagree with this cos i do believe that there several ways to make a not so modest outfit look modest and at the same time comfortable.

In this post, i will be sharing with you guys 5 chic ways to make these fashion pieces modest. But before then, can we take a minute to appreciate all these photos i took and edited by myself?Am i not a super human?…lol

Okay back to why we are here,

Most modest dressers will most likely not pick up an off the shoulder top/dress while shopping because……well a simple turtle neck body top would take that dress from 0-100 in a matter of seconds Like it did for me in this picture below;

A sleeveless skirt or dress can be turned around in few seconds.

One, you can just wear a straight sleeved body top inside the dress just like we did with the off the shoulder dress, or you can wear a body top with a dramatic or big sleeve as the inner. If you are confused on when to use a straight sleeve or big sleeve, here is a tip;

I use straight sleeve as my inner mostly when i have a dress that already has so much going on already and i use the dramatic sleeve when it’s just a simple dress. Note that this is just my own style, you can do it however you want as long as it suits you well and it’s your style.

Thirdly, next time you are in store shopping for cloths, don’t pass on that beautiful short dress because you don’t know how to style it. Get you a wide legged pant or peg up pant depending on how dramatic the dress is. Watch this video that i shared on my instagram a couple of weeks ago on different ways to style different style of dresses.

A simple tight fitting jean and body top can be modestified with a kimono thrown on it.

Lastly, who says you cannot wear a crop top? Please bring out that crop top from where it’s been gathering dust in your closet ,pair it with a cute high waist skirt and you are good to go my sister.

I know how hard it can be when it seem like you have just a single way of dressing and you always look the same all the time which is why i’m here to take the burden away for you by sharing tips like this. So i hope you find this helpful.

That’s it for this post guys. Which of the tips do you think will be most useful to you? please leave a comment down below. I will see you on the flip side. But before then, check out some of the pictures i’m loving from this week’s shoot!!! Ciao

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