Lumii_20191218_074802129GUYS!!! I don’t understand what is happening to my booooddddyyyy. Okay a little back story.

The first time i ever left my mom for months at a time was when i resumed for my first year at the university. I still remember that very day like it was just yesterday cos my mom was balling her eyes out and i just sat down there in the bus and stared at her like a Anyways that’s beside the point. I got to Ilorin on the 4th of October and i stayed in school till the 24th of December when i went home for the Christmas and new years break. I got home and my mom almost couldn’t recognize I WAS ALMOST TWO TIMES MY PREVIOUS SIZE and i didn’t even notice. Guys that is the last time i remember gaining that much weight in a short time. I’ve maintained my 130 lbs weight and size 2/4 for over 3 years and just in the space of 2 months, I’ve exploded into a size 12 and staggering 160 lbs weight. I’m not gonna lie, this weight gain came with hips and you know,….a** but I’ve never been the type to be concerned about things like that. In fact, if what my body looks like was up to me, I’ld want to be as flat as a board cos all the shapes come with a lot of stress and i’m not about that life.

That’s the current battle i’m fighting in my life but i need y’all’s help. I know i might not be able to loose all these weights that i’ve gained cos i’m too lazy/busy for gym. But is there something else i can do about this sudden weight gain so that i don’t end up blowing up past this weight?

HELP!!!closet update

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